Importance of Sociology

The discipline of sociology is recognized widely today. Nowadays, there is a growing
realization about the importance of the scientific study of social phenomena and means of promoting what American sociologist and economist Franklin Henry Giddings calls ‘human adequacy’. It is of great value in modern complex society.

Sociology makes a scientific study of society: Sociology has made it possible
to study society in a systematic and scientific manner. Scientific knowledge about
human society is needed in order to achieve progress in various fields.

• Sociology throws more light on the social nature of man: Sociology delves deep into the social nature of man. It tells us why man is a social animal and why he lives in groups. It examines the relationships between individuals and the society.

Sociology improves our understanding of society and increases the power of social action: The science of society assists an individual to understand himself, his capacities, talents and limitations. It enables him to adjust to the environment. Knowledge of society and social groups helps us to lead an effective social life.

Sociology has contributed generously to enhance the value of human culture: Sociology has trained us in building a rational approach to questions that
concern ourselves, our religion and customs. It teaches one to have an object-oriented and balanced approach. It emphasizes the importance of ignoring petty personal prejudices and ambitions that are influenced by ego and envy.

Sociology studies the role of institutions in the development of the individual: The home and family, school and education, church and religion, states and government, and marriage and family are important institutions through which a society functions. Furthermore, they are conditioners of an individual’s knowledge of sociology.

Sociological knowledge is indispensable for understanding and planning of the society: Sociological planning has been made easier by sociology. Sociology is often considered a vehicle of social reform and social organization. It plays an important role in reconstruction of the society.

The need for sociology in underdeveloped countries: Sociologists have drawn the attention of economists regarding the social factors that have contributed to the economic backwardness of a few countries. Economists have now realized the importance of sociological knowledge in analysing the economic affairs of a country.

Study of society has helped several governments to promote the welfare
of tribal people: Not only civilized societies but tribal societies also have several
socio-economic problems. Studies conducted by sociologists and anthropologists
regarding tribal societies have helped many governments in undertaking various
social measures to promote the welfare of tribal people.