a. Realisation of Educational Objectives: An organisation of education is based on the curriculum. The curriculum development is done in view to realise the objectives of education. Thus the curriculum is the means for achieving the educational objectives.

b. Proper use of Time and Energy: It provides the guidelines to the teachers as well as to students, what a teacher has to teach and what the students to learn?.

c. Acquisition of Knowledge: The curriculum is the mean for the acquiring knowledge. Actually human knowledge is one but is divided in to subject for the convenience and organisation point of view. Thus the curriculum is designed for the different subjects.

d. Determining Structure Of Content: Every subject’s content has its wide structure which is to be taught lower level to the higher level. Thus the main task of curriculum development is determining structure of content for a particular stage teaching. Thus the curriculum of different subjects is designed
from primary level to university level.

e. Development of Personality: The curriculum is also important and
significant from personality development of the student. The curriculum is designed which helps in development in good qualities in students. It helps in developing physical, social and moral qualities of learners.

f. Preparation of Text Book: The curriculum provides the guide line and bases for preparing text book for the use of students and subject teacher. If the curriculum is changed or codified, the test books are also changed. A good text has wide coverage of curriculum content of subjects.

g. Conducting Examination: Our education is examination centred. The
students have forced obtain good mark in the examination. Thus examination paper is prepared as per curriculum of the subject and students also prepare the content for the examination. Thus, curriculum is basis of teaching, learning
and testing.

h. Organising Teaching And Learning Situation: The teaching and learning situation are organised in view to the curriculum teaching work is also assigned with help of curriculum.

i. Decision about Instructional Method: The instructional method is selected and used in view of the curricular. The same content is taught form memory to reflective level. It may be teacher centred or learner centred.

j. Development of Knowledge, Skill And Attitude: The nature of curriculum provides the basis for the developing knowledge, skills, attitude and creative ability. It also helps in developing leadership qualities.