Merits of Idealism:

1. Idealism has made signal contribution.

2. Idealistic education promotes universal education.

3. Idealistic education emphasizes the inculcation of highest values namely, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. This will lead to the development of a moral character of the child.

4. The teacher is assigned a very important role.

5. Idealism leads to the development of the ‘self’ of an Individual.

6. Idealism respects the individuality of the child and tries to stimulate his creative energies.

7. Because of the idealistic philosophy and education the school has grown into an important social organization.


Demerits of Idealism:
1. The common criticism regarding idealism is that it is an abstract & vague doctrine. It avoids the realities.

2. Idealism is concerned with the ultimate end of life. It avoids the real problems in day to day living.

3. Idealism lays more emphasis on thinking and mental activities. This increases the importance
of Intellectualism unnecessarily.

4. Idealism emphasizes upon the achievement of immortal values namely, Truth, Beauty and
Goodness. These values are not absolute.

5. Idealistic education gives more importance to teacher in relation to the child.

6. An idealistic method of teaching emphasizes cramming and rote memory.

7. In Idealistic education humanities are given greater importance for the spiritual development of the child while the present age of science lays great stress upon scientific subjects in the curriculum.