A. Significance of Achievement Test:

1. Achievement tests are used in selection of candidates in different fields and for admission of students in schools.

2. These tests are important from the standpoint of determination of class and promotion.

3. In the field of medicine and counselling, achievement tests are used extensively. These tests
are very important from the standpoint of identifying backward students diagnostic and
remedial teaching.

4. Achievement tests are helpful in measurement of minimum abilities of an individual.

5. Achievement tests are used widely in different types of classifications and for appointment.

6. These tests are helpful in providing educational and vocational guidance.

7. These tests are used to evaluate a teacherโ€™s proficiencies and effectiveness.

8. The use of these tests is helpful in the amendment and revision of curriculum.

9. Construction of these tests and study of related literature helps teachers to develop their
professional attitude.

10. These tests provide assistance in learning. A student knows well how much he has studied and how much he has yet to study. It gives him motivation for studying in future.

11. These tests help to give reports to guardians and issue certificates.

12. These tests evaluate the effectiveness of different methods of teaching and help to select the
most suitable method of teaching.

13. The use of these tests is helpful in the amendment of content.

14. It is possible to undertake comparative study of educational levels of different schools on the
basis of these tests.

15. These tests acquaint us with the all-round mental ability of a student.

B. Characteristics of Achievement Tests:

1. The content of these tests is as per the studentsโ€™ level, abilities, interests and aptitudes.

2. The test items in these tests are objective, so there is no question of awarding partial marks.

3. These tests are discriminating besides being reliable and valid.

4. These tests are very economical from the standpoint of money, time and energy.

5. The purpose of these tests is predetermined.

6. These tests are useful from the practical viewpoint.

7. These tests have a wide content.

8. These tests possess all characteristics of standardized tests, such as scoring key, manual of
instructions, norms etc. All these are prepared in advance and are got printed in the form of a

9. These tests are made separately for different classes.

10. The scoring, time limit etc of these tests are determined before their administration.

11. The number of questions in these tests is large, so there is no question of chance factor.

12. The results of these tests provide such material to a teacher by which he can construct his entire
instructional plan.